The following programs are all Freeware for Windows systems. They are portable and do not require installation.

Propulse Tracker (offsite link)
Propulse Tracker is an open source crossplatform Impulse/Schism Tracker clone designed for creating Amiga ProTracker compatible music modules in a familiar environment. Features include:

Seymour is an image browser/cataloger. Distinguishing features include:

A bitmap font editor, originally created for editing Windows bitmap fonts in FON/FNT format.

Cueer is a program for creating cue sheets for audio files. File output is template-based, so it can easily be extended to generate custom (text-based) file formats. Features intuitive timeline editing with realtime audio preview/scrubbing.

Many who grew up with Commodore Amiga computers may remember the AMOS programming language. This command-line program detokenizes an AMOS Basic source file into a text file.


Solomon's Key 2 for the Amiga
A remake of the NES game for the Classic Amiga line of computers, programmed in 68000 assembly. Contains builtin level editor. The game should run on pretty much any PAL Amiga setup and can also be run from Workbench. WHDLoad and CD32 versions are also available.

IceEdit 0.9.8 (offsite link)
IceEdit is a Windows level editor for the NES game Fire'N'Ice, also known as Solomon's Key 2.

SMB3 Workshop 2007-11-14 (offsite link, old and unsupported))
A popular level editor for the NES game Super Mario Bros. 3.