UnAMOS 1.1

Many who grew up with Commodore Amiga computers may remember the AMOS programming language. This Windows command-line program detokenizes a binary format AMOS Basic source file (.AMOS) into a normal text file.

The program does currently not recognize all possible AMOS Basic tokens out of the box - especially most extension commands are missing. To remedy this, as of v1.1 you can specify a file from which the token table is loaded. (I.e. the AMOS/AMOSPro executable. I have only tested this with AMOS Pro, but it should work for all versions. Support for most extension commands is still missing as it needs extra work to load multiple token tables concurrently.)

Wildcards (*, ?) are supported as the input filename, e.g. UnAMOS *.AMOS.

You can use the following command line switches:

 /b ......... Break on error or unknown token
 /d ......... Don''t save to file, only output to screen
 /l ......... Add line numbers to output
 /r ......... Reformat output to increase readability
 /s ......... Skip internal token table, only use file (implies /t)
 /t=<file> .. Load token table from an AMOS executable or other file
 /v ......... Output to screen and display various debug messages


UnAMOS.zip (updated 2013-02-15)

v1.1 updates:

  • Possibility to load token table from the AMOS executable, greatly improving compatibility. The internal token table can be optionally disabled.
  • Improved reformatter.


  • Initial release.

Example run

D:\Stuff\Amiga\AMOS>UnAMOS /r /v BlokkiSkrolli.AMOS

Input:  "BlokkiSkrolli.AMOS" (596 bytes)
Header: "AMOS Basic V1.3 "
The file has been tested.
Data Length: 570 bytes

Screen Open 0,SCW,SCH,4,Lowres
Flash Off : Curs Off
Print "/-\"
Print "| |"
Print "\_/"
Get Block 1,0,0,32,32
Screen Display 0,$0081,$002C,320,SCH

Double Buffer

   For Y=0 To 7
      Put Block 1,320,Y*32
   Next Y
   For X=0 To 31 Step 2
      Screen Offset 0,X,0 : Wait Vbl
   Next X
   Screen Copy 0,32,0,SCW,SCH To 0,0,0
   Screen Offset 0,0,0
   Screen Swap