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Download Seymour 0.9.10 (updated 2016-11-21)

Seymour is portable freeware for Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10.

What's new

Waifu2X support files - Only required for resizing images using the GPU-accelerated Waifu2X upscaling filter.
Extract to the directory where Seymour.exe is located.


There's not much of it yet, but you can read some here.

If you want some features or need documentation/support or found a bug please don't hesitate to contact me via hukkax gmail.


Example scripts for use with v0.9.2+
Some Delphi (2010) units I made for use in Seymour


Last modified on 2016-11-21
Version 0.9.10 ============== A couple of Direct2D bugfixes: * Fixed fullscreen display not being pixel perfect on Nvidia GPUs * Fixed display of PNGs containing an alpha channel * Fixed incorrect dimensions of fullscreen lowres image preview shown while loading the fullsize image (Still wrong for animated gifs) Version 0.9.9 ============= New: * Added a function to perform a reverse image search on Google (does the same as uploading the image on the Google Image search webpage) * Updated Waifu2X wrapper to reflect newest version: - Resize dialog allows choice between line art and photographic images - New version of DLL and model files - Download link for Waifu2X support files changed: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/2018003/software/Seymour-waifu2x.rar * Seymour is now fully portable and doesn't write to the registry Fixes: * Fixed incorrect behaviour of Cancel button when a save confirmation dialog was displayed in Image Editor window * Minor GUI tweaks and fixes Version 0.9.8 ============= New: * Added setting for thumbnail caption shortening: shorten at end or middle * Added support for automatic JPEG rotation according to EXIF orientation (UseEXIFRotation setting in Seymour.ini; enabled by default) * Added Optimize Database feature to Settings dialog Fixes: * Fixed thumbnail list scrollbar (again) * Fixed blurry image display in accelerated fullscreen view * Fixed wrong thumbnail showing occasionally for newly added file until hovered * Fixed thumbnail ordering issue when a thumb from a newly saved file was added to current view * Fixed "Use pixel doubling" setting having no effect * Fixed display of PNGs containing an alpha channel * Hid unimplemented pages and rearranged Database page in Settings dialog Version 0.9.7 ============= New: + GIF animation can be slowed down or sped up with Shift-Num +- or Shift-QE; Shift-NumPeriod or Shift-R to reset speed + Added numpadless zoom/pan shortcut keys: QE to zoom, WASD to pan, R to reset + Improved IFF file loader with support for PBM format (PC DeluxePaint) and PCHG chunks (dynamic color changes) + Thumbnail filename font is now configurable via Thumbstyles.ini + New application icon Fixes: * Fixed file copy when using the rename function in filename conflict dialog * Fixed IFF aspect correction and stencil handling * Fixed click zone for the Rating and Color popup menu missing from thumbnails if image had no rating or color + Fixed startup crashes with missing config files (again) Version 0.9.6 ============= New: + Dramatically improved speed of PNG loading and saving; speeds up image display and thumbnail generation + Added display support for TIFF, ICO and IFF ILBM (including support for EHB/HAM6/HAM8/24-bit, but not dynamic color changes or animation) + Fullscreen view can optionally use Direct2D hardware acceleration: + Much faster scaling and zooming + Smooth zooming using: numpad + - or mouse wheel with mouse button or Ctrl pressed or pinch zoom gesture on tablets; numpad Del to reset zoom + Smooth scrolling of zoomed image using numpad arrows, left mouse button or panning gestures on tablets + Show and pan fullsize image using the right mouse button + Used automatically if system supports Direct2D canvas - Requires Windows Vista or newer - Only nearest/linear scaling filters supported + Settings/Database/Delete orphaned files now brings up confirmation dialog Fixes: * Fixed a freezing issue during thumbnail generation on some setups * Fixed a startup crash if Bookmarks.ini or Seymour.db was missing * Fixed a startup crash if there were multiple scripts with the same name * Increased robustness of folder scan * If libJPEG fails to load an image another attempt is made using GDI+ * Animated GIFs played back too slowly * Image preview quality setting wasn't saved or respected * Fixed renaming files to different text case broken in previous version * Some GUI fixes for large system DPI settings * Removed references to Preview memory cache as it was deprecated due to internal changes
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